Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two New Books To Read, Parallels

Okay, really only one new book to read, one very very old re-read.  I've been meaning to re-read Anne of Green Gables since the 100th anniversary of its publishing in 2008.  It was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.  I read all the books in the Anne series, and spent a lot of time pretending to be her (there are pictures of me and a friend all dressed up labeled "Anne Shirley and Diana Barry").  But I didn't remember much about the books except that Anne is raised by a stern but kind woman, and a couple isolated events.  Understandably - it's been maybe 17 years since I last read the series.

I picked it up the other night.  It was in the big collection of books I brought back from my mom's house.  It's so great! I couldn't put it down.  There's a reason it's classic children's literature!  Anne is so hilarious and imaginative.  She's adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, an "old maid" and "old bachelor" brother and sister.  They'd asked someone to send them a boy to help out with the farm, but got her instead.  Were adoptions really that easy in those days? Like asking someone to pick you up a particular shelving unit next time they drive to IKEA?  Anyway, I've only just begun it, but I'm enthralled by Anne all over again. 

Tomorrow The Turn of the Screw by Henry James should arrive for me from Amazon.  A friend and I are going to read it at the same time, and discuss it with each other.  We wanted something spooky for October, and I understand it's a classic ghost story.  I'm pretty excited. 

Since it was published so long ago, it's available to read online for free.  (Check it out here if you're interested.)  I started reading it yesterday.  Two children whose parents have died are left in the care of a bachelor.  "Just like Anne Shirley!" I thought as soon as I read it.  We'll see if I notice anything else in two presumably very dissimilar books... 


  1. Thanks for the link to the "Turn of the Screw" story-I've started reading it today during my down time at work. It's so engrossing, I'm already on Chapter 8!

  2. That's awesome! We can talk about it this weekend!!