Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Await Your Reply

I'm reading Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon right now.  I'm about halfway through it.  It's so good I want to take the book and smack someone on the arm with it, going "How can it be so good?!"  It's described on the back as a literary sort of thriller, which doesn't say much.  More specifically, it's the interwoven stories of three people, which I can see now are all eventually going to weave together.  Lucy is a just-graduated 18 year old who has run off with her history teacher to a motel in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska.  Ryan is involved with some shady dealing I'm not totally clear on - the book opens with him on the way to his hospital after his hand has been cut off.  And Miles is searching for his schizophrenic twin brother in a town north of the Arctic Circle.

It's so good! So intriguing!  It's got a lot of plot, but it's not one of those books where the characters exist to just move the plot along.  I actually care about them, and they feel like real people.

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