Thursday, July 28, 2011

Carter Beats The Devil

I just finished reading Carter Beats The Devil by Glen David Gold.  It was fantastic! It's about Charles Carter, a popular magician in the 1920s, being suspected of murdering President Harding.  (Yes, it changes history a bit.  A surprisingly small amount, though.)  Carter's childhood challenges, his besting of the cruel Mysterioso, his rise to fame: all of it is entertaining.  It's an almost 700-page book that went by in a flash.

One of the things I appreciated most was that Carter, although flawed in many ways, is a good guy.  He generally tries to do right by people.  He's kind to animals.  In fact, kindness to animals is a major, reoccurring theme.  I can't handle even fictional animals meeting sad ends, so I appreciated this.

Side note: Glen David Gold's wife is novelist Alice Sebold.  I can't imagine being married to someone in the same exact field as me! I think it would be really tough to deal with competitiveness and jealousy.

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