Monday, May 13, 2013

My Year Without Buying New Clothes--My First Failure

It's been tougher than I thought to not buy new clothes! I am happy with my wardrobe when I'm at home, but then if I'm in Target or somewhere, I'm filled with clothes-lust. "A beige sweater with little hot pink seahorses on it!" screams my brain, "I don't yet own a beige sweater with little hot pink seahorses on it! I must acquire it!"

Then I leave the store, and it mostly passes.

The intensity of my desire for clothes has been manageable, mostly. I went shopping with my mom and sister today, and was a little jealous as they tried on and bought some cute outfits, but the jealousy itself is sort of interesting. It's my experiment, my decision, after all, so I can monitor myself like a scientist and note "subject feels jealous of black flapper-style dress that sister is trying on. fascinating."

I DID actually break down and buy something, but it was for a different reason. Recently me and my friends were at a restaurant sitting outside. It had been a nice day, but had grown chillier as night approached. I hadn't thought to bring a jacket. I really wanted to be able to sit outside, though, and tried to tough it out. I got colder, and I noticed a little shop by the restaurant with a sale rack outside. I darted over to it, found a cute beige cardigan with red embroidery that was 50%, bought it, and ran back. (At which point the group as a whole decided it was too cold out, and we went inside.)

So I kind of wish I hadn't bought that sweater, but I am just trying to take it as a data point in my experiment, just take note of it without judgement. The fact that I was super cold at the time makes me feel a bit more justified, too.

Going to Europe for 2.5 weeks soon. Not sure how I'll do on my clothes ban there...

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