Sunday, August 22, 2010


So I just re-read Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar.  It has some flaws, and yet, I love it.  It's about the complicated social lives of various Scottish werewolves, and it's just such good fun!  Sometimes I think the writing isn't that great, that he's telling me something I already know or using too many adverbs or whatever, but it doesn't matter, because the story is so engrossing.

There's a huge cast of characters: Kalix, on the run after killing her father and taken in by two college kids, Daniel and Moonglow (a goth).  Her sister Thrix, an enchantress and a fashion designer.  Their brothers Markus and Sarapen, both vying for the position of Thane.  Sarapen is violent and brutish; Markus is a cross-dresser.  The outcast cousins, Butix and Delix, who play in a punk band and renamed themselves Beauty and Delicious.  Malveria, a Fire Elemental queen who buys clothes from Thrix.  Vex, Malveria's high-spirited niece.  And more, lots more.

The goofy names and the fact that there are werewolves and faeries and fire elementals make it sound kind of cheesy.  It would be, if it Millar took himself too seriously.  But he doesn't, and the book's a riot.

I re-read because, to my delight, a sequel was just released: Curse of the Wolf Girl.  I started it a couple days ago and can't put it down.

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