Monday, August 23, 2010

When I Won Third Place

Since I still can't find my camera cord, I thought I'd show a picture of a previous accomplishment of mine.  In 2005 I won third place for scariest knitwear on the now-defunct You Knit What? blog.  Behold, my terrible dinosaur tank top, and the description of it that I sent them:

These are pictures of a sweater (?) I knit two years ago. I thought it would be different to have a dinosaur on a shirt instead of boring stripes or something. I also thought "I don't need a pattern!". Which is why it's wayyy too big on me. On the sleeveless side, you can see a lot of my bra, showing just how great the fit is. So it's pretty warm, like a sweater, but sleeveless, meaning that even if I threw a shirt on under it, there was never proper weather to wear it (too warm in summer, too cold in winter). Because of this, last year I decided to add sleeves. I wanted to make them pink, but because my local yarn shop was out of it, I bought blue instead - and not the same blue as the dinosaur. A much uglier, non-matching blue. I made one sleeve, and realized how ugly it was. I tried tying a piece of yarn around the sleeve, like a ribbon, and tying it in a bow. That's the weird string hanging from the shoulder. And the other sleeve? I decided it was pointless, and called it finished

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  1. hahahahaha! This is awesome! I still think the dinosaur is cute.