Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two More Down

I finished The Turn of the Screw tonight (only a month behind schedule).  The ending is... ambiguous.  I vaguely remembered hearing that there were multiple ways to interpret the story; now that I've finished it, I've poked around on the internet and read some of the existing theories.  Some seem valid, others rather a stretch.  I need to discuss it with someone.

It was pretty good, but James' style of writing takes some adjusting to.  His sentences are long and winding, full of commas.

I finished My Year of Flops a few days ago.  Since it was mostly a collection of essays, it wasn't like it built to one big conclusion I can comment on.  But it remained entertaining and interesting throughout.  After reading it, I definitely want to seek out some lesser-known, impossible-sounding films like "The Apple."  I even kind of want to see "Elizabethtown" (he opens the book by ripping on it, then reconsiders it in the final essay, and finds it does have some charm).

I still have At Home to finish.  Enjoyable, solid.  Not especially fast-paced.  I'm excited to finish it, though, as I used some birthday Borders gift cards to stock up on novels to read.  Up first, probably, is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.  Oh no: I just double-checked the spelling of his name on wikipedia and may've accidentally read a spoiler.  I really, really hope not.

Well, anyway, I get to spend the long weekend reading and relaxing and visiting with family.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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