Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party Down

A few days ago I finished watching the last episode of Party Down, a show that was on Starz in 2009 and 2010.  It's about a bunch of caterers in L.A., most of them wannabe actors or writers.  It is HILARIOUS.

It stars Adam Scott, who's currently on Parks and Recreation playing Ben, Leslie's love interest.  Henry Pollard, Adam Scott's Party Down character, is a failed actor whose one big moment was on a beer commercial yelling "Are we having fun yet?"  He's deliberately given up his attempt at an acting career, and so has taken a job working for Ron Donald, an old friend.

Ron, played by Ken Marino (who I know from The State and Wet Hot American Summer, both hilarious), has a dream of managing a Soup R Crackers, a fictional soup and salad restaurant.  He's intense and strange and he tries way too hard.  It's great.

Henry's on-and-off love interest is Casey, an aspiring comedian played by Lizzy Caplan.  She's funny and sarcastic, and sometimes hurts Henry so thoughtlessly it's hard to watch.

The other members of the catering team include, in the first season, Jane Lynch, who left the show when Glee got big.  Megan Mullally joined cast in Season 2.  Both women are so funny.  There's also Martin Starr as sci-fi nerd writer Roman, who is really a pretty awful person.  In my opinion that's so much funnier than if the weird nerdy guy turned out to be sweet.  Roman's nemesis is Kyle, played by Ryan Hansen, an aspiring actor/model/musician.

Each episode takes place at a single event that the Party Down team is catering.  This includes a funeral, a sixteen-year-old rich girl's empty birthday party, an orgy, and Steve Guttenberg's 50th birthday (he plays himself).

It is really, really funny.  And the final episode was just perfect.  You should watch it (if you aren't offended by bad language).  It's currently on Netflix Instant Watch, although I guess their contract with Starz is ending so I don't know for how long that will be true.

Also, in news of today, Ozzie Guillen has left the White Sox.  I'm very, very sad.

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