Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tea bottles

I drink a lot of tea.  Hot tea, iced tea.  Loose leaf or in tea bags.  Day or night.

On many afternoon I stop at Driftless Market to get a bottle of Honest Tea iced tea, usually black but occasionally green.  Their unsweetened flavors are just amazing. (Sweetened might be okay, but I hate sweetened bottled tea, so I've never even tried it.)

I decided last semester to track just how much of this delicious stuff I drink.  It started because I accidentally left a few bottles in the garage: somehow they didn't make it the short distance from my car into my actual house.  So I started collecting them.  Below, all the Honest Tea I drank in the fall 2011 semester:

I drank 21 bottles.  Not as many as you might think, but Wisconsin winters are cold, and by December I didn't really want a chilly iced tea for my commute home.  All but one were black tea.

What will be interesting (well, to me) is when I have done this for several semesters.  Then I will build the photos into a bar graph, showing tea drinking as function of time, in semester increments.

At this point in the spring semester I have had 9 bottles.  I think that number will pick up as the weather gets warmer.  I'm sure everyone will be excitedly awaiting the results.

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