Monday, April 2, 2012

Published Again!

I meant to post information on this weeks ago!

I have a short story, "The Dog," published on Fiction365.  Fiction365 publishes a new short story every day, and then archives them.  I really like all the ones I've read there, AND it's the first time I'm being paid for my writing!  Yay!

Check it out.  Select "February 7th 2012" on their little calendar.

Go Here:

I also have a short story, "Ella Hart's Mother," published on Every Day Fiction.  Every Day Fiction operates the same as Fiction365, sending flash fiction each day and archiving it, but they also have the option to send the stories in an app to your phone or tablet, which is pretty neat.  You can also vote on and comment on stories.  The author of the highest rated story each month is interviewed on their site.

Check it out.  Look for "Ella Hart's Mother" by Elizabeth Holden in the "recent stories" sidebar, or search for it in their search box.

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