Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You Package!

Awhile ago, I posted a blog entry about my collection of Honest Tea bottles in my garage.  (Currently I've had 12 this semester.)  I put the photo and info on here and then didn't think about it.  Well, last week I got an email from someone at Honest Tea who said they saw the post and that they wanted to send me a thank you package.  Is that not totally awesome? I was shocked and excited.

It arrived today!

Here it is! What could be inside? Tea, perhaps?

Indeed, tea! Twelve bottles!

Six bottles of unsweetened green and six bottles of unsweetened black, my favorite kinds!

Also a nice reusable shopping bag and a bracelet!

Thanks, Honest Tea!!!


  1. This blog has changed, man. It used to be about vegan double-downs and books I've never heard of. Now, it's all about product placement and fancy corporate sponsorships.

  2. Very funny, Tony. Any other awesome companies that want to send me free stuff, ignore this man. :)