Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Shoes

For the past two summers I've had a pair of blue sandals that I loved.  They were made by Pink Studio,  turquoise flats with medium-width straps - perfection.  I've adored them.  The back strap (the slingback part of them) broke last fall, so I finally took them to be fixed about a month ago, when I was getting a zipper fixed on one of my boots.  The shoemaker (cobbler?) told me he had a garbage can in the corner for them.  Not only was the back strap broke, but the soles were worn down, the straps were stretched and cracked and old - he had a point.  Mostly I trusted him because I figured he'd fix them if at all possible, just to get my money.  If he wasn't, I knew they must be pretty bad.

You can see them on me in the photo below (you can also see my sister's super-awesome gray high heels and my mom's cute gold flats):

Today I bought new blue sandals.  Not only are they awesome and seemingly sturdier than my last pair, they are the exact shade of the dress I'm in the process of sewing (nearly done!).  Admire them below.


  1. OOh! Very nice! You should definitely post pictures of the clothes you're making, too.

  2. Thanks Sara! As soon as I charge my camera battery, I totally will.

  3. I LOVE them!!! I can't wait to try them on! : ) See you in a couple of hours. Tell Theresa I'm bringing the Shelties!