Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Days of Weird Dreams

People sometimes say they have weird dreams because of something they ate. This has never made sense to me. I have weird dreams no matter what. However, this week I've basically just been eating that chocolate cake I described in the previous post along with falafel chips and hummus, and I've had some unusually intense dreams.
  • Night 1: My dog Theresa was digging in the dirt, and this triggered her evolution into a worm. (Even in my dream I thought "this wasn't my understanding of how evolution works...") The worm was small (worm-sized, not dog-sized) but had the same yellow and brown coloring as Theresa. I picked it up, but before I could get it somewhere safe, Evie, my other dog, ate it! I was horrified!
  • Night 2: My sister was going to dogsit for Evie and Theresa. A common enough occurrence, except in the dream she lived in Florida instead of Wisconsin. "Just put them on the bus!" she said. We laughed about how it'd be funny to have greyhounds riding a Greyhound Bus. But I was concerned about their safety.  She assured me that when she'd recently dogsat for my mom, my mom's dog Fitzie had also ridden the bus.
  • Night 3: My mother found the Holy Grail! It turned out to be in a park in my hometown in Illinois. It also turned out to be a large root vegetable. We told the government, who said they would award my mom $90,000 and we were free to eat the root vegetable.  It was delicious.

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