Monday, March 8, 2010

Books and a Dress

I bought the above pattern - Vintage Vogue, originally made in 1943.  I'm doing it in a beautiful white/periwinkle jersey fabric with flowers and birds on it.  I would've already started it, but I accidentally bought the pattern for sizes 18-22 and need to exchange it.

I finished Middlesex a couple days ago.  It was great - very large in scope.  Callie Stephanides grew up as a girl, and found out she was a hermaphrodite when she was fourteen.  I thought the book would be solely about Callie, but it actually starts with her grandparents in Greece and works it way forward, to 1970s Detroit.  It was great, really rich, and the characters, as far as I'm concerned, are real people living in the world that I could theoretically meet.  

I recommend it, if a family drama over several generations sounds appealing to you.  It turns out that Pulitzer committee knows a thing or two about good books...

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