Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I'm about halfway through A Beautiful Math and it's interesting so far, but I'm not in love with it or anything.  I have four books lined up to read after it that I'm pretty excited about (three I got from the library, then another Jeeves book I ordered), so I'm looking forward to finishing it.  But something pretty great happened last night: I'm reading a chapter on evolutionary psychology and I come upon this:

"One of the more interesting critiques comes from philosopher David Buller, of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb."

My alma mater! NIU!  It's not a big enough school (like UW Madison) that seeing mention of it is common-place.  One of my friends got an M.S. in philosophy there, so I bet he even knows this guy.  And I forgive Tom Siegfried, the author of the book, for not knowing we capitalize the "k" in DeKalb.


  1. Hey, I had him for a class - I really liked him!

  2. No kidding! That's awesome! Thanks for coming over today - I don't know if I ever would've started sewing the dress without moral support!

  3. You started sewing the dress! That is so cool about the NIU guy. Yeah, I bet Tim knows him too. Talk to you later!