Friday, March 26, 2010

Library, part two

I never used to like getting books out of the library.  Sure, they're free, but when I love a book I want a copy of it that I can read over and over and lend out to friends.  But lately I've been using the libraries at the colleges where I teach, and I'm digging it.  Reasons why:

  1. This is obvious, perhaps, but it allows me to read books I'm not sure if I'll like or not - to take more chances, in other words, since my money isn't involved.
  2. I can read short, skinny, quick books without feeling like I'm wasting money (I like a lot of pages per dollar, generally).
  3. I can check out We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, which my friend Brian just bought, but wants to read before he'll lend it to me even though he still has two other books he wants to read first.  Now I'll have it finished before him.  Ha.
  4. I can read less-serious fare that will entertain me.  I will enjoy it, but I won't get a lot of re-reads or recommendations out of it, so there's no need to own it.
  5. I can read red books.  OK, this is a bit of joke, but seriously: my books are organized by color on my bookshelves, and you have no idea how many books have red spines!

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