Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Bryson

I finished The Inimitable Jeeves (which was loads of fun) and haven't picked up a new book from the library yet.  I find that my in-between re-reads (books I must feel comfortable putting down when I've got something new) tend to be light, comic, fast-paced affairs.  A book from the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison is always a reliable choice (they're young adult books and they're hilarious, fitting the bill perfectly).  Any David Sedaris is great, as are either of the Bridget Jones novels.

Lately my between-new-books taste has been for Bill Bryson.  I'm halfway through a re-read of I'm a Stranger Here Myself, a collection of the columns he wrote about American life for a British newspaper.  Each column is about 6 pages long.  They're laugh-out-loud funny, well-observed - all are excellent companions to breakfast and good stories to tuck yourself in with at night.


  1. Oh, I love Bill Bryson! My favorite of his is "The Mother Tongue," you should definitely check it out when you have time.

    I have been reading your posts for books to add to my "To Read" list. Hope you and the pups are doing well!

  2. Oh awesome! I haven't read "The Mother Tongue" yet. I will totally get it soon.

    Pups are driving me crazy. You know how individually sold rolls of toilet paper have those paper wrappers around them? I had a wrapper on my coffee table and Evie just grabbed it and ate the whole thing. Weirdo... Tell Brody and Josie hello!