Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I never made my pie chart about my time usage, but I have been paying some attention over the past few days.  Yesterday TWO HOURS got sucked away on avclub, slate, facebook, and the like.  How does that happen? I was reading Amanda Bynes' Twitter page, for God's sake.  Today already I've lost about 45 minutes.

Now, granted, it's summertime and I'm not teaching, so I have a lot of free time.  But is this how I want to spend it? In two hours I could've made a lot of headway on that blouse I want to sew - maybe even finished it.

It has to stop.  So, I looked around a bit and found something called RescueTime.  It's an add-on for Firefox (which means I'll have to use Firefox instead of Safari, which is unfortunate mostly because I made my Safari icon a nice yellow giraffe).  It tracks how much time you spend browsing, and on what sites, and shows you reports.  We'll see how I like it, and if it helps.

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