Monday, March 7, 2011


The current habit of me and my friends is for them to play New Super Mario Bros Wii while I watch and read Dutch fashion blogs (I'm usually too tired from work to want to play).  Now when I hear the familiar Mario music, I start to think about clothes. 

Probably as a direct result of this habit, I've been buying a lot of clothes.  Over the last week I bought:

1. A maroon vintage late-seventies blouse

2. A pink vintage 1980s dress

3. Blue Converse low-tops

4. A Donna Morgan dress (I'd never heard of her. Got this at TJ Maxx for $40, then read online that it retails for about $180. Yay!)

5. An octopus necklace (This one is en route to me from the Netherlands. I found it for sale on one of the blogs I've been reading. Doesn't the octopus look menacing? Not enough jewelry is menacing.)

6. A pair of silver and maroon fake-cameo earrings.

7. A 1960s red and gold and black velvet dress that makes me look like I should host a variety show.

8. An AWESOME pink Eileen Fisher sweater-jacket. I got it at a sample sale. Apparently it will be manufactured in black, but never in pink. So mine is extra awesome.

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  1. I hope you're wearing the Donna Morgan dress - it looks great on you! I can't wait to see that octopus necklace!