Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The heat and humidity has stalled my progress on my dresser.  It's now almost entirely stripped of paint.  Once I get the remaining bits off, using more Citristrip, I'll then wash everything thoroughly, and give it time to dry.  That's my next step.

Is it possible the heat and humidity have stalled my progress on the book I'm reading (still The Savage Detectives)?  I got through Part One, and liked it, but I'm having trouble finding the plot.  And now Part Two seems to be dealing with different characters, and I'm not being absorbed by it as easily as I would like to be.

Absorbed is an apt word for how I feel when I read good books - like the book is a sponge and I'm being sucked up inside it, inhabiting it.  Finishing a book I love is a jarring wringing-out.

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