Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dresser, Jeeves

Applying a second coat of linseed oil to my dresser has been delayed due to frequent rain the past few days.  I'm hoping I can get going on it again tomorrow.  I'm sooooo close.  Also, for knobs I'm thinking something black, shiny and simply-shaped. (I can't help but feel like I just described a species of beetle or something.)  

I'm halfway through Right Ho, Jeeves, which is a novel, rather than the short story collections I've read in the past.  I've seen the episode of Jeeves and Wooster based on it, but it's still hilarious.  "The fact that he was fifty quid in the red and expecting Civilization to take a toss at any moment had caused Uncle Tom, who always looked a bit like a pterodactyl with a secret sorrow, to take on a deeper melancholy."

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