Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A list of what I've googled recently:

define pointy
lucy grealy
spector afro
is waterslide one word or two?
does lupin die in harry potter?
espn 360
stream world cup
random number generator

I just started reading As Seen On TV by Lucy Grealy (hence my googling of her name).  I found the book on a table of free stuff in one of the university buildings where I work.  It's great, though sad - particularly since my googling revealed that she'd died in 2002.  Truth and Beauty by Anne Patchett is about their friendship.  I'd heard of that book when it came out in 2004, and had taken notice of it because of its title: I had hoped it was about particle physics, as truth and beauty were original suggestions for the names of the top and bottom quarks.  Finding out it was about friendship instead of physics made me lose interest.  Now, after falling into this awesome collection of Lucy Grealy's essays, my interest in Anne Patchett's book is rekindled.  I'll have to seek it out.

By the way, it's "water slide," two words.

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  1. that's good to know... since I go on so many water slides and like to write about it!