Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dresser Photos

Here's the "before" photo.  Notice the pink rim around the top.  A few years ago I decided to paint the whole top pink.  The top itself had a plastic veneer thing on it that wouldn't hold paint, but the wooden trim took it.  It's been slowly wearing off.

This is after quite a bit of scraping off the Citristrip.  You can see there was a weird black layer under the white paint before you get to the wood.  We weren't sure what that was about.

A close-up, mid-scrape:

The drawers, mostly stripped, waiting to be cleaned:

Where the dresser stands now, stripped and washed and waiting to be sanded:


  1. Love seeing the progression!

    Are you keeping the natural wood exposed, or repainting? It looks great bare.

    Can't wait to see the results. I am still unpacking and haven't yet had the chance to start on my dressers. Soon though, hopefully!

  2. Oh Liz, it's going to be beautiful!!! I bet you can't wait. What a big job - it will be worth it. Make sure to post a photo when it's all complete.